For Housewives specially

    1. Can you keep these items in the Fridge?flour,pears,spices,apples,watermelon,pumpkins.
    2. why not? If in need how?cereal,cucumber,chocolates,bananas,mustard,vinegar!
    3. Pickles,donuts,potatoes?papaya,oranges,olive oil,
    4. ,ketch up,peanut butter,honey,garlic,onions,
    5. ,avocados,egg plant,basil,
    6. coffee ,bread,tomatoes,
    7. potatoes,coffee?
    8. How must they be kept and why?


Can we live in peace?

  1. is religion for man or man for religion?
  2. Which religion is worth following and why?
  3. Which religion teaches more to be human?
  4. can religion survive without money?
  5. Is Money a religion?
  6. who lives in luxury and more comforts? The followers or the religious leaders?
  7. What is religion?
  8. lHarming none by word,deed or action Can you call that as religion?




  1. Where is India?
  2. Is India a republic?
  3. When did it become Republic?
  4. Who is the Prime Minister now?
  5. How many states are there now?
  6. In which state Meenakshi  Temple and Big Temples are there?
  7. Which is the staple food of South Indians?
  8. What  is special in Kanyakumari?
  9. h