which rice cooker to buy?

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  • Which non-electric rice cooker is this?

  • How many litres  cooker is this?

  • What is the retail price?

  • Where is it available?

  • Why should we buy this?

  • How many years warranty is there?

  • why we should buy extra gasket  and pin at the same time?

  • How do they exchange any rice cooker with this new one?

  • What do they do with the old rice cooker?






Why do we celebrate Nav Rathri?

    1. Which are the goddesses are prayed speciallyWhere are they specially prayed in India?
    2. How do South Indians celebrate These nine days ?
    3. what does Vijaya Dasami signify?
    4. How do the Gujarathis celebrate?
    5. What is Garba?
    6. How do Bengalis celebrate these holy holidays?
    7. what is Kolu?
    8. Do we all need blessings of  nine Devi’s  for world peace and prosperity?


Learn Easily English language.

  • Is English a beautiful language?
  • How many alphabet are there in  that language?
  • Are they 26 in number?
  • Are A,E,I,O,U vowels and the rest consonants?
  • Is it necessary to Like the language,to love the language and to live with the language?
  • Can you travel the whole world with this language and be at home everywhere?
  • Is it easy to describe and communicate With others in English?
  • Can I learn ten words a day with spelling,syllable,pronunciation,meaning, how is it used in every context,and practise that word in  my day to day conversation to master it?

What do you know about these Eight?

  • Is noun a naming word of a person,place or thing?
  • Does the pronoun replace the place of the noun?
  • Does the Adjective define or qualify the noun?
  • Does the verb inform what the noun or pronoun does,doing or has done?
  • Does the adverb modifies the adjective or another adverb or extend the action of the verb?
  • Does the preposition indicate the relationship of the noun or pronoun with the remaining part of the sentence?
  • Is the conjunction a word joining two words,phrases,clauses or sentences?
  • Does the interjection express strong feelings,emotions?Take a good grammar book like Wren&Martin  learn  in order to teach.What are these called in English Grammar?

Easy English Grammar

  • How many types of sentences are there in Englsh?
  • what is an imperative sentence?
  • What is a trasitive verb?
  • What is an indirect object?
  • How many kinds of nouns do you know?
  • Give an example with object in a sentence?
  • Can you use object in a sentence?as verb?
  • What are the 8 parts of speech?

For Housewives specially

    1. Can you keep these items in the Fridge?flour,pears,spices,apples,watermelon,pumpkins.
    2. why not? If in need how?cereal,cucumber,chocolates,bananas,mustard,vinegar!
    3. Pickles,donuts,potatoes?papaya,oranges,olive oil,
    4. ,ketch up,peanut butter,honey,garlic,onions,
    5. ,avocados,egg plant,basil,
    6. coffee ,bread,tomatoes,
    7. potatoes,coffee?
    8. How must they be kept and why?


Can we live in peace?

  1. is religion for man or man for religion?
  2. Which religion is worth following and why?
  3. Which religion teaches more to be human?
  4. can religion survive without money?
  5. Is Money a religion?
  6. who lives in luxury and more comforts? The followers or the religious leaders?
  7. What is religion?
  8. lHarming none by word,deed or action Can you call that as religion?




  1. Where is India?
  2. Is India a republic?
  3. When did it become Republic?
  4. Who is the Prime Minister now?
  5. How many states are there now?
  6. In which state Meenakshi  Temple and Big Temples are there?
  7. Which is the staple food of South Indians?
  8. What  is special in Kanyakumari?
  9. h